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Keeping Your Healthcare Staff Healthy

Posted on Wed, Aug 08, 2012

healthy medical jobs and healthcare jobs& Running On Fruitful Fuel, Not Futile Fumes

As a manager or administrator of a healthcare facility, you are expected to provide the best possible personalized care and attention for each patient that walks through your doors. And how do you make that possible? By hiring the best possible healthcare professionals to staff your facility.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

To ensure top-notch care for your patients, you have to ensure that your staff is running at top-notch performance. However, due to the onerous demands of medical jobs -- late hours, exposure to sicknesses and extended time working on foot (and often on-the-run) -- healthcare professionals are known for running on less-than-fruitful fumes.

A run-down healthcare professional -- not to mention one who has to take time off for sickness -- cannot possibly provide the quality care that your patients expect and deserve from your facility. So to ensure your staff isn’t running on futile fumes, fortify your workplace with the following fruitful fuels:   


From doctors and nurses to technicians and assistants, healthcare professionals deal with trauma and despair every day. Yes, they were trained for this line of work. And no, they don’t expect their jobs to be rewarding 24/7. But simply “shrugging it off” can’t always be the answer. Letting emotional troubles build up never ends well – for the worker ignoring the pain and for each patient he or she care for.

Encourage your team to set aside some time each day to address any grief they’re carrying around. This may mean internally acknowledging the issue for a few moments alone in a quiet room. Or perhaps he or she could talk it out with a coworker, family member, friend or a counselor your facility has onsite. Whatever the employee decides to do is up to him or her -- it’s your job to encourage facility-wide break from the “shrug it off” routine.


Your employees know better than anyone the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet and getting enough sleep. But, as we all know, what we say is often quite different from what we do. Plus, the nonstop nature of healthcare jobs often hinders wholesome habits, like sitting down for lunch and getting an adequate amount of sleep.

So this isn’t about lecturing your staff to eat well and get enough sleep so they have the energy to properly care for patients. It’s about making nutritious options available to them on a grab-and-go basis. Look into teaming up with nutrition experts to evaluate your cafeteria’s food options and recommend healthier alternatives if need be – meals that not only provide needed nutrients, but also keep your staff fueled throughout the day. 

Invest in healthier and more robust vending machines -- a pack of Chips Ahoy cookies isn’t going to cut it for the next hectic shift. Encourage your staff to keep healthy snacks in the lounge and fuel their bodies throughout the day. However, it’s also important that they not rely on food as a “pick-me-up,” which often leads to overeating and lethargy. Nightshift employees in particular should make it a point to find other ways to boost energy, like properly hydrating and taking walks outside whenever possible. 

And while there’s only so much you can do to ensure sustainable sleeping habits, reiterate the fact that your facility’s patients deserve a well-rested care provider. Shifting the weight of the issue onto the care of the patient may be more effective when it comes to the selfless disposition of those with careers in healthcare.


While the first two tips were about your staff taking care of their mental, emotional and physical needs, this is something you can do for your staff to ensure healthy spirits.

It may seem a bit juvenile, but it’s human nature to crave acknowledgment for achievement and special events once in a while. Consider establishing an employee recognition program that not only highlights personal accomplishments, but also takes into account company milestones. This way, recognition takes a collaborative approach, enhancing both the morale of individual employees and the spirit of the team as a whole.

And never underestimate the power of a simple “thank you” or “job well done.” It only takes a moment and a few words to show that you appreciate your staff, and that you value the individual efforts and unique talents that each employee brings to the team.

Of course, sick days are not 100% preventable. And that’s where a quality medical staffing agency comes in. Refer to our previous blog post on how to choose the right healthcare recruiters for your specific facility

And in the meantime, make it a point to keep your healthcare professionals running on fruitful fuel, not futile fumes! Want more information, or intersted in partnering with QCO? Click the button below.

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