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Temporary Medical Staffing Earns You Permanent Savings

Posted on Mon, Aug 13, 2012

how temporary medical staffing saves you money6.5 Ways Healthcare Recruiters Cut Your Costs

Every business is challenged with providing the best customer service, especially during busier times of the year. In the health care industry, it’s particularly important to excel in this area because providing the best patient care is not just a goal -- it’s your number one priority. If you hire extra employees to cover the busiest times of the year and the times when people typically take time off, you’ll have a surplus of employees during the times with less workload and fewer vacation requests. Plus, the costs of hiring extra employees to cover your staffing needs truly add up.

Working with a temporary medical staffing firm is the answer to your staffing dilemmas. Here are 6.5 ways a temporary staffing agency helps your medical facility save time and money.

1.    Flexibility

Hiring enough people to cover spans of heavy workload or popular vacation times leaves you with too many employees during the rest of the year. Temporary staffing agencies provide you with the flexibility to hire employees only when you need them, which is much more cost-effective staffing solution.

2.   Onboarding

Hiring new employees is an expensive and time-consuming process that requires recruiting, testing and screening of all candidates for the position. Working with a medical staffing firm saves you time and money because all employees have been evaluated by qualified and experienced professionals.

3.   Overtime

During busy periods, one option you have is requiring each full-time employee to work overtime. However, overtime work is expensive and, most importantly, it puts strain on your employees. Straining your employees, especially health care professionals, is never a good idea -- it compromises performance, motivation, health and loyalty to your medical facility. Hiring a temporary employee circumvents this issue by not only lowering your costs, but also creating a healthier work environment.

4.   Training

Temporary staffing firms not only connect you with experienced health care professionals, but they also provide custom designed training for these temporary employees. This ensures that every staff member has the proper training and skills required by your medical facility before starting work.

5.   Payroll

Hiring temporary employees does not have to be a headache for your HR department! Your temporary staffing firm handles all aspects of payroll processing for your hires.

6.   Hiring

Hiring a new employee is an expensive process and comes with risks. If the new employee does not work out, the significant amount of time and money that was put into hiring and training is wasted. When you work with a temporary staffing firm, you have the opportunity to request a replacement for any employee who is not living up to your expectations. If you hire a temporary worker and you find that you need a permanent employee, your staffing firm can connect you with temp to hire candidates that work well with your medical facility’s culture, environment and work ethic. 

6.5.   Indirect Expenses

In addition to the aforementioned direct costs you save, working with a health care staffing firm also cuts indirect expenses like orientations and non-productive trends.

Hiring temporary health care professionals through health care recruiters not only reduces the workload for your full-time employees, but it also saves you money. This extra time and money can then be used to enhance equipment, staff incentives and, most importantly, patient care.

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